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About Accurate Window Service, Inc

We are one of the first pioneer Companies to introduce the energy efficient windows to the public, starting back in the early 1980's. We have been installing and servicing these energy windows for over 25 years and that makes us the experts.

We are a family owned company and take pride in our craft. There is no other company that knows windows like we do. Please contact us and you will receive the best service as we take pride in our family business.




Our success in the Commercial window business came from understanding our clients and their budgets. We work with you to achieve top quality and efficient results for your Commercial locations such as buildings, high risers, factories and other industrial location.


Our replacement windows carry the AAMA label as well as SIGMA certification on insulated glass and your assurance that every unit meets or exceeds industry standards for strength and performance.


Our professional installers of windows, doors and window parts are very sensitive to details and efficiency. Our dedication will continue and our clients will think of top quality whenever they hear Accurate Windows.


As an increase in demand, we have created our Window Maintenance and Replacement Parts department. Our warehouse is equipped with necessary parts, hardware and machines to provide you with any window repair that might be improperly installed. Improper installation can cause problems such as heat loss, water leakage or jammed sash and defective balances. Our technicians are trained to recognize and eliminate these minor problems before they become costly repairs.

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